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A new range of You Nique You

Well, what can i say? firstly, i am sorry for the silence!! its been a couple of manic weeks lately, ah who am i kidding!! months!! but, lots of exciting things are going on behind the scenes of  You Nique You!!! such as, my collaborating with the wonderfulOriginal Bristol Blue Glass Company!! They shall be giving me pieces of their amazing glass and i shall be setting it in a variety of different ways, ranging from a set of pendants, one off "Train Challenges" and of course, a special

Bit of a catch up!!

Happy Monday to you all!!

Well, it was a week ago that I returned from JM but after having rested and then doing some paperwork and then my daughter's birthday and her party and so on... I have only just managed to find the time to show my last train challenges off!!

So, I am not going to bore you with tons of posts, I am going to do them all in one, here it is!!! now, where to start?

Well I had a fabulous time in Diggerland with my family to celebrate my hubby's birthday, lots of fun was had by all but I think the birthday boy really had the most fun!

Time to travel....

Well good Morning to you all!!

I hope you are all having a fab weekend so far!!! it's not the sunniest here in Bristol but at least it's not raining...yet!!!

so, time to update you i guess with my latest train challenge! As some of you will know, I was on a Designer Inspiration show on Thursday 29th May, a cabochon special, where I listened to some of my liker's on my guest designer page and tried to incorporate some of the requests in to the show, I hope you liked the designs!!! for those of you who don't watch the show, here are a few highlights of my makes

oooo I do get spoilt!!!

well, I have already shared my train challenge journey with you, but I just had to share what a fabulous time I had with an amazing lady!!! 

The ever so talented Natalia Coleman of SilverClayCreations was running her first tan leather course at JM and i was lucky enough to see the amazing creations of a lovely bunch of ladies!!! 

After my late show had finished we had a lovely meal in the Foxlidyiate, with a lovely catch up and drop of pink....and of course, we had to finish the night off in style!

Train Challenge for Ali

Well, it is that time of the week again.. and I am happily packing my bag ready to head off to JM towers for the late show and of course my intermediate wirework workshop on Saturday.

Now, some people may know, some may not, but on my last late show with Ali Defoy two weeks ago, I promised both Ali and the viewer's that if my lovely mother happened to be watching (I knew she was!) and she had managed to get me the stunning coated tiger eye brioilettes that had been aired, (they were lush!!) that I would try to make something with them and show them on the next show (the show I was heading to!

Time to Train Challenge!

So, as I am just starting out with the blogging, don't panic, this will be the last blog for today ;)  but some of you would have already have seen, if you do follow me on my facebook pages, but for those of you that haven't or don't, here is how it goes

so, Monday 19th May, I left my house at 7.50 to head to the train station, I arrived with just enough time to grab myself a large black coffee and a quick bacon bap (gotta love the pumpkin shops!) and ran onto the 8.30 train to head to Birmingham new street.

A sunny day in Dulverton

Well, in the words of a famous song, let's start at the very beginning (is it in your head now? it's in mine!)

As much as I love Jewellerymaker, it is not the only thing I do, I do commission work, magazine work and of course, just because I can work!  so, after working hard all last week to prepare my project's for Monday's Designer Inspiration show, I was able to enjoy the sun and a lovely bit of quality family time with my mum, the two dogs, hubby and the kids! bliss!!

so, what is the point of this blog I hear you say, yeah yeah you went on holiday.

So i finally bit the bullet....

So, after lots of umming and ahhhing i have decided to finally do it and write a blog!!! i love using social media and often update everyone via my facebook pagesJM Guest Designer Laura Binding andYou Nique You Jewellery but i figured it was time to be able to go into detail and keep people up to date with what i am getting up to and of course, for those of you who do follow me, my train challenges!!! 

so, if you have just stumbled upon me and have no idea what i am talking about, let me explain, as a guest designer for Jewellerymaker, i travel to and from the studio via train and have approximately 1hr 40 before i change over to the local train to get to Redditch.